Lighting for Industrial

ILA offers a wide range of products for the Industrial market. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the industrial space and understand the requirements.

The HALO LED Strip lighting is a robust IP68 silicon strip available in various brightness levels and voltages that can be used around the office, in kitchens, or inside the shed to provide uniform lighting. HALO is flame retardant and able to run 250m from a single power source.
The VUSO 66 floodlight from IQ Lighting has a 316 Stainless steel mounting bracket with GEOMET coating to prevent corrosion. The 7-yr warranty and Inventronics driver will give you peace of mind knowing that you have a quality product, no matter what the environment throws.

We have a full range of luminaires with IECEx certification for hazardous areas (Zone 1,2,21,22). The range includes linear, Flood, high bay, walkway, area, and emergency exit luminaires from as low as 1W to 280W in both AC and DC voltages.

Do you need high bays that will survive in extreme temperatures? Have a look at the Satelite HT from IQ Lighting, offering a temperature range of -30℃ to + 70℃

Do you need area lighting, car park lighting or lighting around the shed? Have a look at the EAGLE XT All-in-one Solar offering from IQ Lighting. The EAGLE XT offers high-efficacy LED connected to a bifacial solar panel powered by a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. It is controlled with an MPPT controller and microwave sensor making 5-7 days of operation possible without charge.

If you need car park lighting, the ARIZONA II from IQ Lighting would be the product of your choice.

We also offer a wide range of services like lighting design, consulting and after-sales support. Explore the range or contact us for more info

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