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HALO 2 Alpha 24V DC


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The 2nd Generation HALO 2 Constellation Series launched in 2017, is the vastly improved 1st generation HALO 2 LED strip light categorized as low voltage LED strip lighting application & is available in 24VDC and 48VDC configurations. HALO 2 can be powered from one end or from both ends to increase the maximum range.

The lighting is supplied and packaged in lightweight & easy to manage 10 meter rolls, each of which comes complete with IP68 male and female adaptors, one on each end which provides a “plug and play” modular functionality allowing various lengths to be easily joined together or removed to reach the desired length. HALO 2 24 VDC has a max range of 20m when powered from one end or 40m when powered from both ends. HALO 2 48VDC has a maximum range of 30m when powered from one end or 60m when powered from both ends. Also, the various segments are interchangeable, this means any of the brightness options (Alpha or Delta) may be incorporated in any configuration within a single run of lighting emitting different levels of lighting throughout the length. Different colours (Red, blue green or amber) can be a part of the configuration, provided that the maximum range is not exceeded. This 10-meter segmented plug and play design, ensures for quick and efficient replacements should any damage occur on any lighting segment.


LED configuration
Lengths Available
Range fed from ONE side
20 Meters
Range fed from BOTH sides
Operating temperature
-40°C - +45°C
IP Rating
Power Consumption per Meter (w)
12 W
> 80
Colour temperature
5500 K
Luminous Efficacy
88 L/W
Lumens Per Meter
Supply voltage VAC
85 ̴ 265 VAC
Light maintenance
15% - 20% Drop in 5 years
Expected Lifespan
5 - 10 Years
Warranty Lighting
3 Years
Fire Retardant
Outer Covering
Food grade silicone
4mm X 14mm
Factory fitted
Tensile strength
Overvoltage protection
Overheat protection
Dust repellant

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