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HALO has been the ORIGINAL industrial-grade LED Strip light since 2010. The concept of HALO was birthed by the inventor, Mr Karl Bezuidenhout, by identifying the need for a specialized lighting system that would last in the harsh conditions of the underground environment. Since the beginning, HALO has pushed the boundaries with brightness and distance offered in various voltages. In recent years HALO expanded its very successful range and introduced the 3rd Generation HALO 3G (HP). HALO 3G can be cut to length and terminated on-site using the HALO connector kit. This opened opportunities in the commercial and residential markets and is becoming very popular with councils, high-end residential projects, etc. In late 2021 HALO released a DMX-controlled colour-changing LED Strip available in 24VDC and a four-channel RGBW colour-changing strip in 24VDC and 230VDC. At the same time, HALO also released the highly popular Long Range (LR) version. This enables the user to run LED strips in tunnels where power is required in 500m intervals. ILA is the exclusive distributor for HALO in the APAC region. 

AIRSTAR Lighting Balloons

Airstar was born in 1994 near Grenoble in France. The Airstar brand is known and recognised by a worldwide community in domains as diverse as construction, security, cinema events, live performance, architecture and more. From Lewis Hamilton to Jennifer Lopez, Elton John to Bertrand Picard, the Airstar family album is full of stars.

Airstar is the world leader in the design and manufacture of lighting balloons. The group has 22 offices in 13 countries, one production site in France, about 60 employees and 70 distributors worldwide. ILA is the exclusive distributor of Airstar products in Australia.

IQ Lighting 

IQ Lighting is an Australian-owned and operated company that has designed, developed and manufactured premium quality LED luminaires since 2010. Since then, they have been recognised for high-quality luminaires that meet almost any environment’s physical and demanding requirements.

IQL luminaires have been the product of choice for many projects across Australia in Defence, Mining, Ports, Food & Beverage and other extensive facilities.

Throughout the design and development phase of a luminaire, we strongly emphasise the mechanical properties of the luminaire and the quality of electrical components used to ensure our customers are receiving the best possible products available to the market.

Our products must have the ability to withstand the rigorous environmental conditions they will be exposed to and perform to exceed customer expectations.

IQL specialise in luminaires that are purpose-built for the Australian consumer

Clever Life

After 15 yrs experience in the Electrical Industry working with High Voltage Automation & Control Systems, founder Ben Casley realised the benefits this state-of-the-art technology could bring to the Domestic Housing industry and as a result, Clever Life was Born .  Clever Life is quickly becoming the leading Australian Owned SMART Home Automation brand based in Queensland, Australia.  We are one of the largest suppliers of Home Automation & Remote Control products in the market with our expansive range developed to meet only the needs of our customers.

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