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AIRSTAR SIROCCO1000 REDTECH is a lightglobe equipped with 18 LED lamps capable of delivering a total light output of 700W, thanks to which it can illuminate an area of 4071m².

The AIRSTAR SIROCCO1000 REDTECH 99000 lumen lightglobe is a perfect device for night work and on-site interventions, such as temporary site lighting, industrial maintenance or emergency.

AIRSTAR SIROCCO1000 REDTECH features a multi-lamp system that allows the balloon, in the event of a lamp failure, to continue to operate.

AIRSTAR SIROCCO1000 REDTECH comes complete with full lightglobe, 1 carrying bag, 1 user manual, 1 envelope repair kit. Stand and sand bags optional.

The Airstar RedTech line of lightglobe is equipped with wifi and bluetooth connection, can be controlled via dedicated app, downloadable on both IOS and android, giving you the ability to make several adjustments including light intensity, blinking light and many other adjustments.


LED Make
Airstar LED Matrix : 18 x 5 500 lm
Average LED life
50,000 h
Maximum power
700 W
141 lm/W 11 511 lm/kg - 5,221 lm/lbs
Available voltage
100~240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Power supply
main power or 1,5 kVA generator
Envelopes options
multiple envelope colours, without reflector or with reverse reflector
Wind resistance of the balloon
100 km/h - 60 mph
Maximum lumens
99,000 lm
Colour temperature
5,000 K
Light under the balloon (4 m - 13,12 ft high)
542 lx - 50 f

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