Lighting for Events

ILA offers a wide range of solutions for events.
The HALO LED Strip lighting is a robust IP68 silicon strip available in various brightness levels and voltages that can be used around marquees, stages, and structures to light up the area the way you want. HALO is flame retardant and able to run long distances. HALO is also available in RGBW in either 24VDC or 230VAC. The HALO RGBW is also available in DMX on 24VDC.

The Airstar Redtech lighting balloons are available in 4 different sizes. It is set up in 3 minutes and lights up large areas (up to 6500m²). Airstar offers 360° glare-free lighting controlled by a mobile phone, which is available in 3000K or 5500K.
We also offer a wide range of services like lighting design, consulting and after-sales support. Explore the range or contact us for more info

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