Zenvo Ti Precision LED

Ultra slim, extremely lightweight and compact design for ease of installation and manual handling. Superior design and construction, suitable for harsh industrial and coastal environments.

Patented LED module cold forged aluminium creates higher impact strength and higher structural integrity with superior heat dissipation capability.

NICHIA high power LED chips provides remarkable 135lm/W lumen efficacy. LED driver by world-class INVENTRONICS average rated lifecycle > 76,000hrs.

Ultra-uniformity, low glare and low spill light effect for Sports Field Lighting applications and delivering value beyond energy savings. All Hardware 304 Stainless Steel with full 316 Stainless Steel available on request.

For more information, please contact us at sales@innovativelighting.com.au or 07 5430 2258.

Aquila 66

The Aquila 66 is a cost effective LED Floodlight with a wide variety of uses. The Aquila 66 uses high quality COB Japanese Nichia LED light sources in a robust ASA housing which is Impact, UV and weather resistant.


The EAGLE XT is an All-in-One Solar street / pathway / car park luminaire with a low profile design, microwave sensor, smart controller and Bifacial Solar panel design. The EAGLE XT have a lithium Iron phosphate battery able to charge and discharge more than 2000 full cycles. On a full charge the EAGLE XT can operate 5-7 days in intelligent mode. With exchangeable components, the EAGLE XT offers a 25 year lifespan.

Phoenix Mini

The Phoenix Mini is ideal for car park, pathways and industrial lighting applications. It is available in a range of wattages across VAC and VDC and is compliant with full light cut-off no up light pollution.

Zenvo TI Precision LED Floodlighting

The Zenvo TI is a modular design LED Floodlight that allows the user to customize the wattage, optics and colour temperatures by simply choosing from the available options. Whether you require a floodlight outside the workshop for area lighting, or high mast lighting for industry and local sports field, the Zenvo TI offers a cost effective solution with consistent components across the solution.