The NAVIGATOR IV was developed to meet the needs of Off-grid area and street lighting. It features all the standard features from LumiTar – quality, efficacy, reliability, ecology and usability. It does not require any grid connection, but backup grid charging is available. Operating voltage is 24-48 VDC and the luminaire is dimmable by twilight sensor and timer control to optimize the lifespan and charge of batteries. It can provide light with zero sun flux for up to 4 days. The batteries were designed for high temperature ensuring long lifespan.

Product Features:

  • Twilight, motion and timer controls
  • High-efficiency solar panels ensure reliable power production and optimal lighting solution.
  • Batteries developed for high ambient temperatures ensure long lifetime.
  • Luminaires operate with zero sun flux up to 4 days.
  • Broad selection of lens optics that can be protected from vandalism
  • Adapts seamlessly to intelligent control systems.