LeS Array

Array LeS® luminaries are designed and manufactured in the leading energy cluster of Vaasa on the west coast of Finland.

They are 100% recyclable and are made almost exclusively from aluminium. Besides the innovative design features, they also boast patented heat transfer solutions that ensures longevity of the product. Combining all the elements together ensures that the light chip lifespan is 200 000 hours. This long lifespan is achieved even in extreme temperatures of -45 °C to +105°C. For short periods, LumiTar luminaries can be exposed to temperatures of or up to +105 °C and still function perfectly.

The actual light is produced with a unified Light Emitting Surface (LeS). The components of the LeS chip are inserted to a specially designed plate to ensure maximum heat transfer. LumiTar’s dual cooling system maintains luminaire temperatures close to room temperature. The heat transfer profile is small in size and functional in all conditions.

LumiTar uses versatile reflectors and optics to spread light evenly or focussing it on a smaller area to eliminate light pollution.

LeS Array Product Features:

  • Even, non-flickering light
  • Generation G-x5X, Nominal 125 lm/W up to 165 lm/W (since 09/2011)
  • New generation G-x7X, Nominal 178 lm/W up to 220 lm/W (since 02/2016)
  • Color Rendering Index from 85 up to 98,5
  • Patented heat transfer profiles
  • Versatile optics
  • Energy savings potential up to 92 %
  • Unmatched lifespan
  • Working range from -45 to +105 ºC
  • Customisable color temperature

Use the slider below to compare Array LeS® to LED technology.

Array LeS® 400 000 hours

LED 1 000 hours
Array LeS® 200 000 hours

LED 50 000 hours
Array LeS® 200 000 hours

LED 5 000 hours
Array LeS® 200 000 hours

LED 500 hours
Array LeS® 50 000 hours

LED 0 hours

Lifespan of luminaries increase/decrease depending on temperature