LED Technology

LED technology has been around for decades. It has changed the way we live as a society. Everywhere around us we have artificial light in some form.

Technology have advanced a lot since the first LED was invented in 1961. Today, millions of options are available to us in our homes, in our workplace and in industry.

HALO Lighting Solutions first concept model was developed in 2010 when the need for a specialized lighting solution for underground mines was identified. The underground environment was carefully analysed paying special attention to the high demands and destructive conditions associated with underground mines. After in depth consultation with electrical engineers and the Department of Minerals and resources HALO met the operational and safety parameters required for underground mining environments.

HALO boasts a success rate of 99.99%. We offer a 3 year “Double for your trouble” warranty on proven factory faults. This means if 100m fail, we will replace it
with 200m.

For more information, please contact us at sales@innovativelighting.com.au or 07 5430 2258.


The HALO 1 Underground LED Strip is a plug-n-play solution delivered in 10m reels with IP68 male and female connectors to interconnect multiple reels. The LED Strip Light is IP68 rated, flame retardant and zero toxic when burned. It delivers optimal levels of illumination in high ambient temperature and wet conditions with a lifespan of up to 10 years. HALO 1 is powered by 240VAC and can run 100m from a single power input.


HALO 2 constellation series offers the same attributes as HALO 1, but for low voltage applications. HALO 2 requires Power drivers powered by 240VAC to deliver 24 or 48 VDC respectively to power the LED Strip light. Distances on the 24 & 48 VDC variants is different, please contact us for more information, or download the technical specification.


The HALO HP LED Strip light is a continuous chain of LED’s designed to connect directly to the existing supply voltage. It can be cut to size and modifications carried out on site by attaching factory connectors as required. HALO HP does not require soldering, it simply terminates with a connector kit and silicon glue (sold separately).

HALO Portable

The HALO PORTABLE is a ground-breaking innovation by HALO in portable lighting and another world first by HALO. It is the most versatile and powerful portable lighting solution in the world and is available in multiple voltage ranges including 240VAC (HALO 1) and 12VDC (HALO 2) with connectors for vehicle or battery connection.

HALO Econo

Our basic LED Underground LED Strip light for harsh environments. We have introduced a basic LED LED Strip light for any demanding application. With a 2-year warranty and 5 year lifespan, the HALO Econo offers a great solution for temporary lighting requirements in new buildings, tunnels and construction sites.

Aquila 66

The Aquila 66 is a cost effective LED Floodlight with a wide variety of uses. The Aquila 66 uses high quality COB Japanese Nichia LED light sources in a robust ASA housing which is Impact, UV and weather resistant.


The EAGLE XT is an All-in-One Solar street / pathway / car park luminaire with a low profile design, microwave sensor, smart controller and Bifacial Solar panel design. The EAGLE XT have a lithium Iron phosphate battery able to charge and discharge more than 2000 full cycles. On a full charge the EAGLE XT can operate 5-7 days in intelligent mode. With exchangeable components, the EAGLE XT offers a 25 year lifespan.

Phoenix Mini

The Phoenix Mini is ideal for car park, pathways and industrial lighting applications. It is available in a range of wattages across VAC and VDC and is compliant with full light cut-off no up light pollution.

Zenvo TI Precision LED Floodlighting

The Zenvo TI is a modular design LED Floodlight that allows the user to customize the wattage, optics and colour temperatures by simply choosing from the available options. Whether you require a floodlight outside the workshop for area lighting, or high mast lighting for industry and local sports field, the Zenvo TI offers a cost effective solution with consistent components across the solution.