The second generation HALO 2 Underground LED Strip Light is vastly improved on the 1st generation HALO 2 LED strip light categorized as
low voltage LED strip lighting available in 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC configurations. The HALO 2 Underground LED Strip Light is a plug-n-play solution delivered in 10m reels with IP68 male and female connectors to interconnect multiple reels. The LED strip light is IP68 rated, flame retardant and zero toxic when burned. It delivers optimal levels of illumination in high ambient temperature and wet conditions with a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Connection :  The lighting system requires power controllers to convert the existing AC voltage into the required DC voltage needed to energize the LED’s. The power controllers have a variable voltage input which means they can manage any voltage within the range of 85VAC – 265VAC and furthermore provide protection to the LED strip light in the form of over voltage, over current, over heat, short circuit protection, etc.

Design :  The LED strip light design has a unique feature which allows the option of connecting a supply only on one end, or on both ends which effectively doubles the length; this ingenious design of double sided feed enables the strip lighting to function perfectly even if completely severed in the middle of the length, furthermore the low voltage of this lighting means that it can be handled safely without the risk of electrocution.

The new designs incorporate cluster management technology, whereas the LEDs are fixed onto PCB boards forming clusters which are then welded together and extruded in a food grade silicone to form the actual strip lighting, these PCB boards are connected in parallel with the electrical circuit working together in synergy as a lighting platform, but independently in the unlikely case of failure, this means if there is a failure on any components of the lighting it would be isolated and not affect the remaining lighting system.

Range :  The LED strip lighting can extend indefinitely by installing more power controllers along the way. Our 24VDC solution can run 20m when fed from one end and 40m when fed from both ends. Our 48VDC solution can run 30 m when fed from one end and 60m when fed from both ends.