Biotope Lighting

We have partnered with PROVolitans in Finland to offer biotope lighting with a difference.

PROVolitans are biotope lighting professionals who design and manufacture energy efficient luminaires to all different biotopes. From the depths of the ocean to the jungles of Amazon – we have understanding of biological needs of the animals and plants and we can help your institution to save money, time and effort when it comes to your lighting requirements.

Around the world, aquariums and zooz are working relentlessly to conserve endangered species and educate the public on the dangers our planet is facing. Since 2010, PROVolitans have joined forces with aquariums and zoos by offering light sources that are revolutionary, reliable and extremely effiecient.

PROVolitans are world leaders in biotope lighting. They have designed light sources that can withstand the harsh environments associated with zoos and aquariums. They produce natural, high quality light and maintain their spectral qualities over time.

PROVolitans use Array LeS (Light emitting Surface) technology from LumiTar. LeS is the next generation of solid-state light sources that offers higher light output, longer lifespan and better spectral qualities compared to LED technology. They have small, compact design, are half the size and use a third of the power of gas discharge luminaries. Simply impressive!

Together with PROVolitans, we offer consultancy and local support on your biotope lighting requirements.